BK5010e Booklet maker system

  • 250x350

This compact, dynamic on-line booklet making system connects to a variety of Ricoh’s multi functional printers.

Add the optional TR5010e Trimmer Unit and eliminate the “shingle” effect that happens with thicker booklets and cre- ate a professionally trimmed booklet. The CF5010e Cover Feeder makes it possible to add preprinted color covers up to an amazing 300 gsm / 172 lb Index. The BF5010e Book Fold Unit completes the booklets by giving them a unique square folded edge, the same professional flat finish as bound books – with a printable spine that gives the appearance of a magazine.

BK5010e Booklet maker

  • 250x350

A fully automatic booklet maker able to produce up to 100 page booklets. Special attention has been given to handle digital prints to avoid smearing and scratching. A patented two-step fold roller system gives a sharp fold without marking and eliminates the risk of tearing. The user friendly operator interface also activates and adjusts downstream modules like the Trimmer and Book Fold unit.

CT type 5010 Crease Trimmer

  • 250x350

The CT type 5010e module will crease the cover of the booklet to avoid image cracking in the spine. It will also trim the white gripping edges of each sheet enabling full bleed applications to be produced right from the printer adding extra value to the finished product. This is done without any manual processing being necessary providing the mid-range printers with the ability to deliver short run, professional booklets at speed, and to a very affordable cost.

TR5010e Trimmer

  • 250x350

The TR5010e Trimmer is a one knife lead edge/front trimmer. Air jets separate trim scrap from the books. Automatic set up through the Bookletmaker operator interface.

BF5010e Book Folder

  • 250x350

The BF5010e Book Folder gives that final professional appearance to your booklets which has become “state of the art”. Looks exactly like a perfect bound book or magazine and it also gives you a printable spine. Automatic set up through the Bookletmaker operator interface.

ST5010e Side Trimmer

  • 250x350

If the customer does not need the crease functionality of the CT type 5010e module the ST5010e can be offered. The side trimmer trims the booklet top and bottom after it is stapled and folded, providing the BK5010e Production Booklet maker system with the ability to deliver a full bleed booklet produced direct from the printer output.

Customers have the possibility to produce full bleed applications with their BK5010e booklet maker system either by adding the CT type 5010e or the ST5010e to the configuration.

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